states our
educational missions
as follows

Innovative education
in nursing

Our goal is training specialized professionals in nursing who possess both scientific and cultural knowledge as well as a well-balanced personality. We have innovative nursing education to fulfill the demands and needs of a modern society.

Structured curriculum
in nursing science

Our goal is to organize the structure of our academic programs in nursing science at an university education and research level. We institute an appropriate curriculum in order to meet this goal.

Contributing to the fields
of health, welfare and medicine.

We aim to actively contribute to develop the fields of health, welfare and medicine by collaborating with other related professionals in various medical departments.

Model for life-long learning
in nursing

Life long learning is modeled throughout the curriculum enabling nursing professionals to actively inquire and build on the foundations of nursing education and collaborating with professional peers.

Our five educational goals are


To train nursing professionals with well rounded interests as well as a wide-ranging academic skills and knowledge.


To develop practical nursing skills in order to support people to live naturally and healthily.


To develop the attitudes and abilities to be able to participate in problem-solving in conjunction with scientific thinking.


To train professionals who possess an ability of leading nursing specialists in cooperating with people in different professions/fields.


To train nursing professionals who are capable of adapting themselves to the ongoing progress of medicine and treating patients with a variety of changing needs.


Kitasato University Center for Nursing
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