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Shimabukuro, Kyoko

The School of Nursing at Kitasato University was established 28 years ago and we are proud of our long history. As of March 2013 we are one of over 200 Nursing Universities offering a 4 year academic program in Japan. We are a Life Science University which consists of seven departments of which the School of Nursing is one. There are 100 undergraduates and over 10 transferred students amounting to around 115 students in each grade. More than 2,600 students have graduated from this department and majority of them are working as nurses, public health nurses and midwives in a clinical setting. The licenses offered are nursing, public health nursing, midwifery and school nurses. The students have an advantage of having their practical training in the adjacent Kitasato University Hospital and Kitasato University East Hospital and able to receive advice from their seniors on site.

Our Graduate School of Nursing is also one of the earliest institutes in Japan in providing Term 1 and 2 doctorate programs. As of today, there are over 300 graduates and they have been leading professionals in their respective fields as specialized nurses, nursing researchers and nursing educators. Our curriculum is designed in order to train nursing practitioners with high quality skills and knowledge as well as academic researchers who can continue nursing study and nursing education in institutes.

Shimabukuro, Kyoko, RN, PHN, RMW, PhD


School of Nursing welcomed the first intake of Year 1 students.
Held the first workshop for Clinical Educators (currently called Workshops for Practice Trainers)
International Exchanges with Los Angels School of Nursing at California University started.
Graduate School of Nursing welcomed the first intake of Year 1 students.
Kitasato Nursing Journal was published.
Graduate School of Nursing Doctoral programme (Term 2) was established.
Specialized Nursing Education Programme (Cancer Nursing Science, Psychiatric Nursing Science, Infection Control Science) was authorized.
Center for Nursing Career Development and Research was established.
Teacher Training Course (Nursing Teacher 1st Level) was established.

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